Atlanta Epoxy Floor

Suppose you are looking to sell your idea in near future, then not a bad idea. Prior to selling, it is best to increase the resale value. This will allow to draw potential buyers. By installing garage floor epoxy over the concrete flooring will reap you plenty of benefits.

You might find epoxy flooring costly, yet it is much preferred one these days. It is one of the most economical choices in the long run. Your garage floor will become valuable in different ways. So, getting floor epoxy installed within garage will be a good investment indeed.

Epoxy Flooring

The epoxy floors are made out of durable and robust solution. The blend is adhesive in nature comprising of a resin and compound. When it gets dry, a surface gets created over the garage floor. The finish helps to protect the surface from any damage and stains. Sometimes, the professionals even an additional color on request that adds to a shimmer effect. The result is a unique and beautiful design for your home.

The epoxy floor coating sare functional and appear stylish surely. The flooring when coated with epoxy results in eclectic outlook. This enables it to bear heavy traffic but still look attractive. The trained professional staff will ensure that the flooring compliments with your design or décor element.

Metallic Flooring using Epoxy

Talk about metallic epoxy floors, you won’t be disappointed at all. Such types comprises of a metallic pigment with a resin. The best part is that this kind can be customized to any retail, commercial or residential space. The metallic finish appears glass-like having sparkle with it.

You have two choices when selecting metallic flooring. One is 2-tone effect that constitutes of basecoat and one metallic color. Through this you will get storm cloud effects. The other option is same color coating that uses similar basecoat with the metallic color. Through this selection profound sea effects can be achieved.

Polished Concrete

The concrete flooring can get a polished touch too. This type of flooring solution provides array of purposes. A polished concrete flooring is simple to maintain, gorgeous and durable. You can easily get it customized as per your needs with any décor or design element. Learn more about polished concrete flooring.

You have the choice to go for quartz, colors and dazzling aggregates. These help to create sophisticated and unique finishes. Moreover, this kind of flooring can be used for patios and external applications too.

Atlanta Epoxy Floor

Stained Concrete

Staining is rapidly becoming first choice for concrete floors. The reason being that you have concrete floors of any look, design or color. You have the option to get stains on existing concrete floors or go for concrete overlays to improve the look. The staining provides given benefits below;

  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Resistant to humidity damage and moisture.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Visually appealing.
  • Replicates the look of natural stones.
  • Easily customizable to incorporate any design elements.

Decorative Concrete

If you are tired of your dull concrete floors, don’t worry further. This kind of flooring will truly transform your dull plain concrete into a magnificent one without hassle. The technique involved is actually concrete resurfacing that does not affect the color. The new décor element gets stamped over concrete when it is still wet from the pour.

If texture needs to get added to existing floor, then no issue. A fresh layer of concrete is poured over the old and stamped as well.

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