Buying a new home

New homes are more expensive than pre-owned homes of similar size, but they can be as light and bright as you wish and generally come with a more open layout.

Here are some other good reasons to prefer new homes:

No asbestos, lead-based paints, formaldehyde or other common building products recently found to be hazardous. Cheaper to maintain due to the latest in energy efficient heating, cooling and insulation technology. Zero first-year maintenance for roofing, heating, cooling and major appliances. Sufficient wall and floor outlets to accommodate all the high tech goodies: from DVDs and expresso machines to microwaves and treadmills.

Key considerations for a new home

Choosing a reliable builder and Making sure the house is inspected during several stages of the building process. Before making an offer on a new house built by ABC Homes: Visit an older development built by ABC Homes. Ask owners if they would buy from ABC Homes again.
Okay, you’re shy, but your home is the biggest investment of your life! Drive slow and stop where someone appears to be home. You should also consider what is the mistakes sell home

Buying a new home

You’ll be surprised at how helpful strangers can be. If ABC Homes had to be sued and forced by courts to keep their promises, owners will gladly tell.A new home should be inspected before the walls are closed up, while structural problems are out in the open.

Down side of new homes

The model home that you see is not what you get. Aside from the decorator furniture your home is without the landscaping and appliances that are “extras” not included in the price.Prices are less negotiable. The developer can’t give you a deal because that would undercut appraisals on other homes in the development.

Negotiations are effectively limited to “upgrades” on things like flooring and appliances.Hidden operating costs: Homeowners are usually charged for maintenance of amenities such as pools, tennis courts and health clubs.Bare bones home is priced attractively low, but basic “upgrades:” good carpets, wood floors, and ceramic tiles are more expensive than if purchased from Home Depot or Lowes.Price per square foot is relatively high. For the same money you can get a bigger pre-owned home.

Inspect a new home before buying

The following items must be inspected while the walls are still open:Structural members: things that hold the house up.Beams, studs and anything else that helps to support floors: – Studs that are not perfectly vertical are a sign of sloppy workmanship and poor quality. Stairway foundations and doorways: – Steps must be perfectly horizontal and doors should be hung perfectly vertical. Drain venting: – Every toilet, tub and sink drain should have a vent to the outside. Roof installation $200 or even $300 for a professional home inspector like Roofing Repair Naples is a good investment if you don’t have a friend who works in construction.

Benjamin Wright