Planning a Small Bedroom Redesign

Britain’s newest homes are the smallest in Europe, according to the UK’s professional body for architects. If you’re the proud owner of a modern home with a small bedroom, the following advice can help you redesign it to maximise its potential.

Average sizes

A report published by the Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba) and market researchers Ipsos Mori found that Britain’s new-builds are significantly smaller than those in other countries. According to the report, the average floor space of a new home in England and Wales is 76 sq m, compared to 81.5 sq m in Italy and 115 sq m in Holland. Even Japan’s new properties, which many assume would be smaller, are considerably larger at 92 sq m!

More space please!

While we may love our new home or city-centre apartment, the majority of the report’s participants said that they needed more storage space. People with small bedrooms wished specifically for more private storage space to neatly hide the things that they needed regular access to, but didn’t want on display, such as clothes, linen and personal items.

Clever storage

If you share a desire for a private place for all your belongings, clever storage solutions can help you gain the order and privacy you crave. When space is at a premium, the best way to make maximum use of what’s available is to work with an expert who can help you create a plan for fitted wardrobes and furniture. Well-designed and constructed fitted bedrooms can help banish clutter and claustrophobia and replace it with order and harmony.

A space for everything

When planning your bedroom redesign, whether you are treating yourself to a bespoke fitted bedroom or going DIY, it is important to carefully consider your individual requirements. Is a dressing table an essential or can the space it needs be better utilised? Don’t be frightened to make unconventional choices – after all, your bedroom is your own personal space so should be tailored to your own unique needs.

Sleep tight

If you are comfortable in a smaller bed, a four foot double can give you more floor space, which can be used for furniture or to help the room feel more spacious. Select a bed with drawers underneath for the perfect place to store bed linen or shoes.

Let in the light

Keep rooms light and avoid obstructing any natural light. Using light-reflecting paint in dreamy shades of white and cream will also work to make the room feel light.

Keep clutter at bay

Less is definitely more when it comes to retaining a sense of spaciousness, so keep knick-knacks to a minimum and make sure your belongings are neatly stored away in their designated places.

Small is beautiful

To make bijou work for you, you just need to plan carefully. Make your tape measure your best friend and think creatively about how to design a bedroom that’s right for you – and remember, small is beautiful!

Benjamin Wright